Zone Event Cancelled ~ Bellingen Showjump Day on Sunday

Good morning everyone,

I know you have all been waiting patiently to hear from me and I thank you for that.

The Bellingen Showground has been inspected this morning and unfortunately due the recent rains it has been deemed too wet in a couple of areas, which indicates that it would be unsafe for showjumping. What this means is that the Equitation & High & Mighty has been postponed as we could not go ahead tomorrow with Equitation and would be reduced to only two rings on Sunday for High & Mighty.

I have already received notification of riders scratching from the event, which has a big impact on the number of workers required. We will look at some future dates and let you all know as soon as it has been decided when we can run the Equitation & High & Mighty as a Zone Championship.

Having said all this Bellinger River Pony Club are happy to run a Showjump Day on Sunday only which will allow Kriss Wood (ZCI) to check the riders who intend to nominate to compete at State Showjumping.

Bellinger will send an email with instructions of what needs to happen for riders to nominate.

Thank you to all your riders who did nominate for the zone championship and I hope when we settle on a new date we get even more entries to make it a great weekend.

Unfortunately we just cannot control what the weather deals out to us. We do not like calling off Zone events, however, rider and horse safety is paramount. I thank you for your understanding and hope that many of you can and will support Bello on their day on Sunday. Thank you also to Bello for all the work that has gone in to organising the High & Mighty. It is very much appreciated.

Many thanks
Zone 9 Secretary