NCAS Instructors School

Upcoming Instructor Schools

See Schools page for further information for dates of upcoming compulsory school for all who would like to renew the certificate that they now hold and for anyone who is renewing an out-of-date certificate. Also for all those Instructors who wish to obtain their instructors certificate. Gear Checking certificates also offered (one day of school)

National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)

The NCAS is an initiative of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). It is a progressive coach education program offering courses at various levels. Coaches who are accredited through the NCAS are recognised by national and state sporting organisations and the ASC. Currently over 70 sports participate.

Pony Club Australia NCAS Pony Club Accreditation

The new course structure and delivery methods make the system very attractive in the Pony Club environment. Adoption of policies relating to flexible delivery, competency based assessment and mentoring will allow the courses to be delivered in a variety of ways. Prospective coaches from the absolute beginner to the more experienced can work through the course at their own pace depending on their level of experience and access to assistance.

Flexible course delivery

The course recognises that coaches can be assessed in a number of ways which will enable people in remote areas or those with time constraints to have access to accreditation.

Competency Based Assessment

This policy recognises that people gain knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, by formal training or life and work experience. The Candidate must provide evidence that they have the skills and knowledge for the competencies they are claiming. They would then demonstrate the required skills in front of an appointed, recognised assessor.

For details about the PCA NCAS course, please contact your local club secretary