Zone 9 Jamboree

58th Zone 9 Jamboree

Hosted by Nambucca River District Pony Club
Macksville Showground
15-16th September 2018

For program and details see notice: Jamboree Sept 15th 16th @ Macksville Showground

Download team of four diagram here
Download team of fours scoresheet for Jamboree

Live Jamboree Results:

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2018 Jamboree results:
Download the 2018 Jamboree Trophies here
Download the 2018 Jamboree Pointscore here

View the 2017 Jamboree results here:

Download the 2016 Jamboree Pointscore here
Download the 2016 Jamboree Trophies here
Download the 2016 Jamboree Dressage Results here
*pointscore corrected 14/9/2016

Download the Jamboree 2015 Program here
Download the Jamboree 2015 Pointscore here
Download the Jamboree 2015 Trophies here

2014 Jamboree Complete Results

2014 Jamboree Pointscore
2014 Jamboree Trophies & Ribbons
2014 Jamboree Rider, Champion, Pairs
2014 Jamboree Dressage
2014 Jamboree Hack Classes
2014 Jamboree Sporting Times

jamboree 2011