State Entries for Camden Closing Soon

I would like to apologize to any riders who missed out on the viewing day on Sunday 3rd as I completely forgot to put it up on the web site as I was just involved in a few things at this time unfortunately I will not have another chance to do this and it was only sheer luck that I had this Sunday anyway. I will be at Qurindi until the 16th now and there is just no more time. The schedule for Camden is on the PCANSW website now or by next week for sure and I suggest any riders with a new combination wanting to go to Showriding try to attain performance on the northern show run on at the moment. Riders please also take note you may only do the Combined Training or the ODE not both.

As the closing date is the 6th May I will need ALL ENTRIES TO ME BY THE 25TH APRIL with performance cards for any discipline you enter and a concise list of days for stable and camping and events you want to enter. ANY MERCHANDISE YOU MAY WANT TO ORDER DOES NOT COME TO ME BUT DIRECT TO STATE.

If any queries at all please call me on 0427 534 810.

Kriss Wood