State ODE Selection Sunday 3rd April @ Nana Glen

Apologies for the late notice!

There will be a selection process held this Sunday 3rd April (tomorrow) at Nana Glen commencing at 8.30am for any members who wish to be considered for selection to represent Zone 9 at the State ODE being held at Camden in July this year.

Anyone who is interested needs to check the PCA NSW website (excerpt and link below) to confirm the required height they need to qualify for the State Championships. Realistically anyone seeking selection would need to be experienced and have a performance at a number of ODEs.

Any queries please contact Zone Chief Instructor Kriss Wood on 0427 534 810

Dates/schedule for State events can be found at

Excerpt from Section 8 Eventing
Document at

At all state championships the standard of competition will be high. It is the responsibility of the Zone Chief Instructor to ensure that mounts are fit and meet the required standard and that riders are capable of state championship level competition. The Zone Chief Instructor is the final arbiter of entries being submitted for zone representation at state championships.

Rider — for membership qualifications and rally attendances — refer section 4.
Horse — ownership qualifications — refer section 4.

One Day Event State Championships
12 and under 15 years (Novice) ⇒ C grade
13 and under 15 years (Advanced)⇒ B grade
15 and under 17 years (Novice) ⇒ B grade
15 and under 17 years (Advanced) ⇒A grade
17 and under 25 years (Novice) ⇒ A grade
17 and under 25 years (Advanced) ⇒ Championship Grade

For competition in Eventing state championships, horses must be at least FIVE years old to be eligible to compete, i.e. horses to show all permanent teeth and the corners to be in wear. This is the only criterion that will be used.