Bellingen Jump Weekend & Gymkhana 16-17th July


(PLUS JUNIOR GYMKHANA) *** Six bar under lights ***
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July Bellingen Showgrounds (Hammond St entrance)

Due to the cancellation of Zone Equitation and High and Mighty, our club has decided to alter our usual jump and gymkhana weekend this year. In order to provide the very disappointed jumpers their opportunity to shine and have fun in the sport they love, while gaining performances, we will instead run jumping equitation and six bar on the Saturday with a gymkhana for the Sub-Jnr and Jnr age groups. This will be followed by a day of show jumping on the Sunday with a novelty ring for the Sub Jnr and Jnr age groups.

This Sub-jnr and Jnr gymkhana is to encourage and provide for young, beginner and new pony clubbers who would otherwise miss out on the weekend, and who may not be ready for graded jumping. This is an official gymkhana and there will be ribbons, prizes and judging as normal for a Gymkhana. Sub-jnr and junior riders, who also jump, may enter both.

Download the Bellinger River Pony Club Jump Weekend 2016 program here

Note: Amendment to program adding a 60cm height class in Equitation

Entry Fees:
$25 Sat Equitation
$25 Sat Sub-Jnr/Jnr Gymkhana
$30 Sun Jumping
$5 for 6 bar under lights (pay and enter on day) Sun Sub-Jnr/Jnr Novelty Ring FREE

Plus $5 horse levy per day (Includes stabling – must leave clean)

Start time each day is 8am

Canteen operating from Sat morning. (Will not be open for dinner)

Camping is available Fees per night:
$10 per person
$25 for family

Please pay office on day

*** PICs required at registration ***

*** One worker required for each rider jumping ***

Current jump cards must be handed in to office when registering at beginning of day.

Phone enquiries (Ali) 0415134517 or Email: (Camilla)

Club Secretaries please email by Wednesday 13th July to give details of entry for either or both days of jumping.

(Please include rider’s name and age, horse’s name, height class, jump grade and worker’s name)