High & Mighty / Zone Equitation Cancelled

It is with great disappointment that I need to advise that Zone will not be going ahead with the Zone Equitation & High & Mighty. The number of entries was less than 60 riders which is the number that was decided to be the minimum required for the events to go ahead. Despite extending the closing date to April 25th it made no difference and no further entries were received. It was a decision made by the Zone Exec and it was not made lightly.

I have suggested to the Zone Exec that we send out a survey to all clubs for their members’ feedback on what they actually want Zone to do with the Zone Championships. We just cannot continue to run events without support from the clubs. We need some feedback so I will put that together in the next week or so.

Many thanks to Liz Boswell, Nambucca’s Secretary, for all the work behind the scenes in planning to host the Zone Equitation and High & Mighty. The offer to host the event is very much appreciated and we are truly sorry that it is not going ahead.

Kind regards
Zone 9 Secretary