Wingham Gymkhana – Float parking info

Good Morning All,

As you are aware, the Wingham Showgrounds have been kind enough to offer the grounds this weekend SUNDAY 31st MAY 2015, due to our rain related postponement.
This weekend, Wingham will also host the annual Wingham Scottish Festival. This festival takes place in centre of Wingham, not the showgrounds.

As a result, there will be additional caravans / RV’s in the showgrounds during our ribbon and trophy day. The ‘overflow area’ for the caravans will be the ‘Triangle area inside the front gate’ where most floats park for normal training days.
This area will be a ‘Horse Free area’ for the purposes of our Ribbon and Trophy day, with all floats parking being:

  • Turn left when inside the front gate, there is ample parking in front of the Cottage / Men’s Shed,
  • Normal Parking near the Stables, and
  • Normal Parking up in the vicinity of the Stallion Boxes.

In addition to the aforementioned area being ‘Horse Free’, please be mindful when walking around the grounds with your horse, and maintain a safe distance between yourselves and our ‘Caravanning Visitors’.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Kind Regards,
Geordie Bunting

** Download the Revised Wingham Pony Club Gymkhana program here **